kitchen cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is the very process of replacing cabinet drawer fronts, doors, and even knobs. Once this is finished, a new veneer is carefully applied to all of the externally visible parts. Instead of only breaking down and installing brand new cabinets, you are going to be able to save a good amount of time, labor, resources, and money. In this article, we will be going over some of the primary benefits of cabinet refinishing for your Phoenix home.

Benefits Of Cabinet Refinishing:

1. Economical

One of the primary benefits of this process is the fact that it is very economical. In fact, on average, cabinet refacing costs around 50% less than the total amount of money that you would have to spend on brand new cabinets. Whether you utilize cabinet refinishing on your bathroom, kitchen, or another room in your home, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. In a lot of cases, cabinets that might look beat up are actually in pretty good condition. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the overall layout of your existing cabinets, you are going to want likely to opt to give your cabinets a facelift rather than invest a lot of money into replacing them.

2. Less Complicated

According to Mark Washington, a professional cabinet refinisher “Another benefit of this kind of replacement is the fact that it is a lot less complicated. Because the replacing of cabinets can take a significant amount of time to complete (think days), you are going to have likely to make sacrifices and changes to your routine before you can actually do it. On the other side of the coin, you are going to be able to complete a thorough cabinet refinishing within mere hours with the right people on the job.” Mark offers more information on his website at

3. Prevents Waste

Another benefit that you are going to get when you choose to opt for cabinet refinishing is the ability to prevent waste. After all, if your cabinets are in good condition, there is no reason at all to remove them. If you do choose to replace them completely, it is very likely that they end up in landfills and contribute to the waste problem we have in the world.

4. Brand New Look

While some would assume that a refinishing wouldn’t provide you with the ability to have brand new looking cabinets, they would be wrong. In fact, having your cabinets refinished can provide you with great looking cabinets that look brand new.

As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits to refinishing the cabinets in your Phoenix home versus completely replacing them. Be sure that you factor in all of the advantages of when you are making your final decision. The fact is, you are going to save a lot of money by opting for refinishing versus replacing. Also, you will end up with brand new looking cabinets at half the cost, and you are going to be able to help preserve the environment since you will not be contributing to any waste.

reverse mortgage on chalkboard

A reverse mortgage is geared for senior homeowners in Phoenix, and it allows them to take equity out of their homes to support them with an extra means of cash flow. Equity can come in very handy for people who are retired and who are having to live on a limited income. A survey of older Phoenix residents taken in 2010 showed that 48% of them stated that difficulties with their finances was the primary reason for their application for a reverse mortgage.

Many people who are retired, do not have jobs or careers to draw on for income so that a reverse mortgage can be a boon to them in a time of need from a revenue standpoint.

It is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), and the recipient has to be at least 62 years of age or older. Once the reverse mortgage arrangement is set up, any mortgage payments that are being made a stop, and the homeowner begins to receive a monthly check.

The consequence is that the owner begins to receive the payments, and the loan does not have to be paid off until the homeowner dies, sells the home, or moves out of the home. The borrower is still responsible for paying any taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Since there are no mortgage payments by the borrower, the interest on the loan will continue to accrue. Eventually, the interest can add up to be more than the value of the home, but the borrower (or the estate of the borrower) is not liable for any extra debt beyond the value of the home.

Before a homeowner can enter into a reverse mortgage transaction, it is required that the owner sits through a counseling session by a qualified HECM counselor. Which is to make simply the homeowner aware of the process and all of the particulars.

Once the reverse mortgage is established and set up, the owner will begin to receive monthly payments. There is no restriction on how the money is used, and the payments will continue until the homeowner dies, moves out of the home, or sells the home. If the reverse mortgage is in both names of a two spouses, and one spouse dies there can be repercussions, depending upon circumstances.

If a spouse is under the age of 62, or is not listed as a co-owner on the property, and the spouse that is listed on the reverse mortgage dies, the surviving spouse might have to sell the house to pay off the loan. So it is important to perhaps have life insurance in force on the reverse mortgage holder.

If both spouses are listed as co-owners, the surviving spouse will be able to continue the process in most cases which is why the homeowners must go through counseling to determine the suitability and the ability to understand any pitfalls that may apply to certain situations.

For most senior homeowners in the Metro Phoenix area, the reverse mortgage is an excellent program, as it gives a needed positive cash flow in their monthly budgets.

phoenix event venue

If you are planning some event in Phoenix, it is important for you to select the right venue. With that said, choosing the best place is not always as simple as it sounds. Here are a few tips that will make the process much easier for you.

Consider The Occasion

The reality is that every event venue is not fit for every event. For instance, if you are hosting a bachelor party, this would not be the same kind of place you would use if you were hosting a dog show. Thinking about the kind of event you are holding will help you narrow down the options.

Size Matters

Size is something that you cannot compromise on when it comes to choosing an event space. The last thing you want is for all of your guests to be uncomfortable because they are bumping elbows. Ideally, people should be able to mill around without feeling like there are any restrictions on the places they can move.


Of course, there is no way to move forward without bringing up the dreaded thing called price. Even if you find a place that is perfect for the occasion and it is the right size, you still have to consider the amount of money that you have to spend. If you know your funds are limited, you may have to reduce the size of your event to accommodate people without making them feel cramped.


Location means a great deal, especially if you are not providing transportation to all of the people you are inviting. You want to choose a location that will be easy for everyone to get to. Whether they are taking public transit, a car service or driving themselves, you want to make sure that there will be no issues. If you plan to offer a ride, you can be a bit later than usual, but you still don’t want to choose a place that is so far out of your way that it would be a nuisance.


Some venues that offer more than others, and you must consider this when trying to choose the best place. For instance, you may need bottle service, catering or a valet service. When you are looking for a place, make sure that you review the list of amenities. You do not want to put down a deposit on a place then you find out that it is not going to be able to meet your needs. Be mindful that more amenities usually means that you will have to pay a higher price to rent the venue.

Now that you have a good idea of all the things you have to keep in mind when you are trying to choose the right venue for your event in Phoenix, Arizona it may take some time to find the right place, but you will find what you need if you focus on the search for a place that fits all of your needs.

air conditioning system maintenance


When your air conditioner doesn’t work, or if it is not functioning properly, it certainly time to consider calling an AC repair specialist. These are individuals that have certifications that allow them to work on virtually any type of air-conditioning unit, making it possible for you to start feeling cool in your house once again. If you are in Phoenix, you know how hot that it gets during the summer. Without an air conditioner, it is almost unbearable. The following tips will allow you to find the best HVAC repair company in the Phoenix area that can come out to your location to fix your air-conditioning unit.

Common Problems With AC Units

There are so many things that can go wrong with an air-conditioning unit. The problems that you experience will depend on the type of AC unit that you are using. If you have multiple window units, it is possible that the filter in your air conditioner has been clogged with outside particulate matter such as dust or pollen, and this should always be cleaned. If it is a central air and heating system, some filters can be removed and replaced, and these professionals can help you do that as well. If it is a larger problem such as an absence of coolant, or if it needs to have physical repairs, these companies can resolve these problems.

Start With The Internet

The reason that you will want to begin with searching online is because it provide you with so much more information. The phone book can provide you with the names and numbers of companies to call, but not feedback from actual customers which can be found in the local listings on Google, or you can go to a website like Yelp where multiple businesses are reviewed every day. You can likely find several different companies that have exceptional positive feedback, and choose one of those to come out to your location.

The Benefits Of Regular Air-Conditioning Maintenance

To get the most benefit out of your air conditioner, it needs to be maintenance regularly. These individuals can come out to make sure that the filters are clean, that the coolant is maximized and that there are no problems with the motor or ventilation system. I making sure that everything is running properly, preferably before summer arrives, you can look forward to experiencing a cool summer in the Phoenix area. You will pick a maintenance expert using the information that you find online, leading you to not only the best choice but a company that offers the lowest prices.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

It is imperative that you do this research as soon as possible and have an AC technician come out to your location to provide you with the help that you need. If it needs to be repaired using certain parts that they do not have, it may take a couple of days. Once you have it repaired, you will wonder why you never worked with these professionals who could provide you with immediate help, especially when it first started malfunctioning. After the repairs are complete, it’s a good idea to stick with this company that was able to help you, allowing them to do regular maintenance.

phoenix desert

There are many interesting places to visit while on vacation in Phoenix. Browsing while driving in the city alone will net you a fun time and a great adventure. However, it’s better if you know several places you can visit in Phoenix for different types of pleasure, and so here are some of the top Phoenix, Arizona attractions. I’ll throw in a few places to get a good bite to eat while you’re there in Phoenix having fun.

One cool place you’ll want to pay a visit to is Camelback Mountain. Evidently, there is a typical path for tourists, but you can also take an alternative route up the mountain. This was mentioned in one of the reviews, and it was also mentioned that quite a few people will be there at times. The entire walk to the summit only takes about an hour and a half. Of course, that is still quite the commitment depending on who is in your company. Still, can you imagine the view and the pictures you’ll be taking?

South Mountain Park is definitely one of the top tourist attractions and places to visit in Phoenix, Arizona, but there are many more breathtaking attractions as well. South Mountain Park is very picturesque, and this is another climb by the way. Just wait until you see pictures of this place. You’re going to definitely make sure that the nature stops are part of your itinerary.

Now it’s time to relax a little but see something truly unique. Especially if you’re a musical person, you need to consider making this stop. The place is the Musical Instrument Museum, and can you imagine all the different instruments that you will see? You are going to find many that you don’t recognize, and that also means many that aren’t even used anymore. See how musical instruments have transformed over time, and getting to see this much history in person as a musician would be my cup of tea.

city of phoenix arizonaI’m also a sports fan, however, and it’s time to catch a ballgame at Chase Field. Hopefully, when you visit, the MLB season will be in full swing. Then there is the Desert Botanical Garden, which according to the travel site I’m looking at is the #2 attraction. Runner-up isn’t bad when you’re talking about a city as large as Phoenix AZ.

You can also opt for hot air balloon rides, and then there is the Phoenix Zoo. While those sound fun at all, I don’t want you thinking I’ve run out of really unique suggestions. Heard Museum offers food, entertainment, art and all kinds of fun. Then there is Wrigley Mansion and the Arizona Science Center.

I told you I was going to give you a few restaurants to consider as you surface for air and try to get a bite to eat. Fuego Bistro, Steak 44 and Rusconi’s American Kitchen are three popular choices. Now, are you excited to put these activities down for you and your family to do while vacationing in Phoenix AZ?